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The Elder Scroll Online Guide's ESO Guide Review

Eliminate your troubles with this nifty guide players need to know about!

The Elder Scroll Online Guide's ESO Guide has undoubtedly helped me advance my character super fast. The guide helped me in leveling up quickly, getting level-appropriate equipment easily and contain PvP tips and tricks as well as character builds that made ESO doubly entertaining for me. The fact that it is an unofficial guide is besides the point.

Why am I all excited about the guide?

It all began when I rolled out my very first character, confident that this is going to be just a piece of cake. Afterall, ESO is a MMO is it not? And I have spent hours on other MMORPGs like Cabal and Lineage. How much more different can it get? Boy was I wrong. As soon as you hit level 10, you get to further specialize into advanced classes. There were so many possible skill combinations that stare you blankly in the face. That was when reality settled in - there are just too many possible builds to test out to go through all the respecs. That means using a lot of credits in ESO, not to mention wasted leveling time re-molding your character over and over again. Piecing bits and pieces of tips and hints from blogs and forums just seemed too much effort. So what did I do? Got myself a copy of this The Elder Scroll Online Guide's ESO guide.

What made me decide to get it?

First off, The Elder Scroll Online Guide is just another gamer like you and me. So, she's been there, done that and really understands what us gamers need when it comes to looking for gaming aid. The only difference is she claimed (on her site), to have spent hours on researching and testing for the fastest leveling path and has been successful in hitting level 50 in just 7 days with the strategies she designed on her own.

Did I doubt her story? At first, yes, but that was actually the reason why I got the guide, sort of like to see for myself (perhaps even challenge) her claim.

What did I discover? Pages after pages of strategy-packed content for all areas of the game. There was absolutely no fluff in the guide! Everything the guide was build on, was for the main purpose of fast leveling, be it the unique builds she came up with, the detailed quest walkthroughs for important quests, where to get rare equipment or even making use of datacrons.

The verdict?

I would definitely recommend, and am recommending The Elder Scroll Online Guide's guide to just about anyone. It's written in easy to understand terms even though the strategies featured are more advanced, so both new players and the experienced gamers can undoubtedly get something out of the guide.

I can continue babbling about how great the guide is and how it made my day in ESO, but what juicy content The Elder Scroll Online Guide shared in her manual are all listed at www.theelderscrollsonlineguide.com. So head there to see if there's anything for you in the guide. Doesn't hurt and doesn't cost a penny to read her story and what topics are covered in the guide.

Newsletter 1

Subject: Questing in ESO

So you've rolled out your very first Star Wars: The Old Republic character and you're now ready to tackle your very first set of quests. Well, here's a fast-track questing guide to get you started on.

There are several types of quest in ESO, there are zone quests, companion quests and class quests for say. Zone quests are planet-based quests. Regardless of whether you are on Alderaan, Belsavis or Nar Shaddaa, Bioware has successfully incorporated quests throughout, be it in the sub-zones or dungeons. Whenever you are in a certain area, you might as well take on quests available there. Saves traveling time and helps you to quickly gather in those leveling experiences. Heroic quests are also location-based and as long as you have your companion with you, you can go ahead to attempt them solo - means the same thing as 2 players.

Then there's class quests. These quests can get rather complicated but you definitely do not want to miss any of them. It's the completion of these quests that are in-fact important milestones in the game for your character, such as getting your starship, companions or being able to chose your advanced class. You'll find that these quests smoothly takes you along the main storyline for your character.

Finally, there's companion quests. By talking to your companions and interacting with them such as giving gifts or so, you can complete companion-based tasks. With companions, you never know what may happen. In the end, you might be in a romantic relationship with them.

There you go, a super quick quests guide to get you started. For more in-dept information on quests such as detailed walkthroughs, list of expected rewards or recommended bundle-able quests, this ESO Guide comes highly recommended.

Newsletter 2

Subject: ESO Leveling Guide

The end goal of any MMO is maxing out your character, which in other words means hitting the level cap. Here's some free leveling tips and hints for you.

When it comes to Star Wars: The Old Republic, the fastest way to level up is actually via fighting. Whether you're up against mobs due to a quest target, to obtain some item or earn more credits, fact is you gain experience regardless. So.....

  • If you're playing with your companion, always try to stick with a tank. With healers, you probably have to watch their back rather than getting healed adequately while for damage dealers, they don't really do much compared to you. Tanks on the other hand is an annoying obstacle to your opponent and basically helps to free you up to deal those damages.
  • Never underestimate the value of crowd control. In ESO, most of the time, you'll be up against more than 2 enemies simultaneously.
  • Always add the medic packs to your hot-bar. Now and then, they're a huge help located there.
  • When you're up against more than 3 enemies, make sure to use AE attacks whenever possible.
  • Always use stuns or attacks with similar effect whenever you get the chance. They buy you time and at the same time, makes killing enemies much faster.

These are just the basics to keep in mind at all times. Get even more advanced tips and strategies to effectively combat opponents and level up super fast while at it, over at The Elder Scroll Online Guide's Leveling Guide.

Newsletter 3

Subject: Tradeskills and Reaping in Credits

Undoubtedly, in ESO the way to effectively earn credits is via trade. Knowing a trick or two about trade and tradeskills take you far down wealth lane. Here are some must-know tradeskills info for anyone new to the concept.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic tradeskills actually becomes available rather early in the game, specifically at level 10. Mind that you will need to have at least 1 companion to make your choice of trade. There are 3 main types of trades which are: harvesting, missions and crafting.

Harvesting more or less spells 'gathering materials' for crafting. If you choose to go down the path of harvesting, there are 4 skills for you to work with which are: Archeology, Bioanalysis, Scavenging and Slicing. The mission trade on the other hand, involves the ability to send your companions away to complete some missions for you such as a diplomatic negotiation or so. For the mission trade, your companion will become adept in underworld trading, treasure hunting, investigating and diplomacy.

Finally there's crafting. As the name goes, this trade enables you to create new items or so from raw materials. Selling away items you crafted is a sure way of making lots of credits. Equipping your character with items you crafted on your own, is consequently, a great way to save up credits as well. Skills that are available for the trade include biochem, artifice, cybertech, armstech, synthweaving and armortech.

There's a whole lot more to tradeskills and crafting that can be explored in just a few paragraphs. For more advanced insights and crafting tips from the expert, The Elder Scroll Online Guide's ESO Guide comes highly recommended.

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